The Midnight Garden — Platinum Prints


• A series of eighteen images printed in platinum-palladium in an edition of 30 numbered prints.
• Image size (excluding the black border) is 21″ x 16″ on 30″ x 22″ Arches Platine paper.
• Individual prints are available unframed $3500.

The flowers in this series, printed in the historic platinum process, open at night or early evening. Some of the blooms will die by early morning; some will stay open for a few hours the next day. The wide grayscale that is possible with the platinum process allows delicate detail in the highlights of the flowers and velvety rich darks in the shadows of the leaves.

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“There is a luminosity in the lights and velvet depths to the darks that can take your breath. It is simply not present in the work of any other photographic artist. I have never seen platinum prints I have been so tempted to touch; I want to actually feel those dark, textured leaves, to really enter DeCosse’s garden.”
— John Wood

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